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Traditional Science soap was created for your enjoyment — pure and simple. Made with 100% vegetable oils, essential oils plus natural exfoliants.

23 Nov

More new holiday soaps

Posted by Kymberly Hall
This week I will be making more holiday soaps.  Look for Peppermint kiss, Pumpkin Spice, and Lumps of Coal!
23 Nov

New Soaps and Size

Posted by Kymberly Hall

Just in time for the holidays we have some new soaps - Simple Soap and Cinnamon Latte.  These are great additions to any stocking.  

We also received great feedback on bar size.  We are standardizing most bars to be 6-7oz.  Soap price has been adjusted.

Thank you for all of your business and Happy Holidays!

26 May

New Soap - Goat Milk Rose

Posted by Kymberly Hall in Goat milk rose
Wow!  I just finished making a pure goat milk soap with rose essential oil.  It is awesome!  I experimented with the temperature of the lye and goat milk - keeping it cool.  This was an exercise in patience as it took at least an hour to add the lye.  Let me tell you, it was worth it.  The resulting soap is pure creamy white  I added shea butter and apricot oil too.  This soap is serious luxury!
14 May

New Soap - Green Tea Lemongrass 2.0

Posted by Kymberly Hall in Green Tea Lemongrass Soap
Just made a luxurious  rendition of my best selling soap - Green Tea Lemongrass.    In addition to the basic oil trilogy of coconut, palm and olive, I added sweet almond, jojoba, vitamin E and caster oil.  The soap is still curing - but will be available in two weeks!
10 May

New Soap

Posted by Kymberly Hall in Goat milk oatmeal lavender soap
Wow!  I've been working on a pure goat milk soap for a long time.  It is easy to make a goat milk soap by adding the goat milk to the already combined and cooled water/lye solution.  But to make a goat milk soap with no water - that has been my goal.  Finally (after numerous attempts) we have a success!!  The Goat milk oatmeal lavender soap is spectacular!  It has two more weeks to cure and then it will be available!